About Us

gavel book scalesThe purpose of Northeast Institute of Biblical and Theological Studies is to offer systematic, Christ-centered training to men and women for Christian service as ministers or laymen at home or abroad. Therefore, educational opportunities are provided for students who wish to enter full-time service, who want to study the Word intensively for a one or four year period, who seeks an ongoing program of the study of God’s Word, and for the pastor who senses the need to sharpen his ministry skills.

For this purpose, NIBTS seeks to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Spiritual: To inspire students to develop a wholesome spiritual life, and to maintain a sensitivity to the ministry of the Holy Spirit so that both the fruit and the gifts of the Spirit may be manifested through them in an outreach to the lost.
  2. Academic: To give each student a comprehensive knowledge of the Bible and an understanding of the fundamental doctrines of the Christian faith, and on this basis to broaden the general education of the student so that he or she may acquire a Christocentric philosophy of life, and a Bible-based world view; and to prepare the student for further studies in certain fields.
  3. Practical: To train the student to think logically, and to express himself clearly and effectively in winning souls for Christ. To provide the student with essential techniques and to develop those particular skills that are needed to become an effective preacher, missionary, director or teacher of Christian education, or Christian worker. To provide for the participation of every student in practical Christian work.
  4. Character and Personality Development: To assist the student in developing a wholesome Christian character committed to sound Christian ethics, and to cultivate a well-adjusted personality.
  5. Cultural: To foster Christian culture in terms of refinement, social graces, and civic responsibility.
  6. Physical: To place proper emphasis on physical development with due recognition of the body as the temple of God.